Everyone Loves a Good Story

Everyone loves a good story—especially when there’s a happy ending. When our customers share heartwarming stories about their insurance company taking good care of them, it makes us proud. That’s what we’re here for, after all.

Here are four short stories from people who faced the unexpected and were glad to be insured by ERIE when it mattered most. To us, stories like these epitomize the Golden Rule we live by, so we call them Golden Stories. Have a look and pass it on.

What’s Your Story?

Tales like these, handed down from generation to generation, have helped people like you get to know ERIE. We’re glad you’re with us and we hope you’ll share your story, too.

Tell us if your agent saved the day or just plain gives you great service. Tell us about your claim that went better than expected. Tell us why you’re with ERIE. We’d love to hear from you. Use this form or email us at goldenstories@erieinsurance.com.

Thank you. We’re honored to provide you with story-worthy insurance and service.

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